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Expanded-Base Piles

Expanded-base piles are also known as Franki Piles, Pressure Injected Footings (PIF's), or Compacto Piles. They are constructed by ramming zero slump concrete with a hammer at the bottom of a cylindrical shaft created by soil displacement until a base or bulb is formed.


  • Expanded-base piles have a high capacity in poor soils, especially where competent bearing stratum is found below a zone of weak soils.
  • They have a low cost per kilonewton capacity compared to other deep foundation elements.
  • Expanded-base pile operations have high productivity levels.
  • They perform well in non-cohesive soils where other deep foundation methods may have constructability issues.
  • They develop a tensile capacity due to the expanded base.
  • The construction process compacts the soil, increasing its bearing capacity.


  • Expanded-base piles have a wide variety of applications in commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.
  • They are best suited in non- cohesive soils where a large bearing capacity is required.

Expanded Base Piles Projects: