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Driven Piles

Driven piles are slender, prefabricated foundation elements that are pushed into the ground. The piles can be made of steel (pipe, h-section), timber, or precast concrete. Their load-bearing capacity is either derived from skin (side) friction between the pile and the surrounding soil, is end bearing, or a combination of both.


  • Driven piles are "tested" piles. During the installation process, the pile is advanced into the ground using a hammer with predetermined energy. This allows the designer to empirically determine pile carrying capacity based on the input energy and the output penetration resistance (blow count/unit length).
  • Design changes can be easily implemented in the field by splicing additional lengths of pile material and driving the pile deeper.
  • As the pile is penetrating the ground, the surrounding soil is being laterally displaced, which generally results in soil improvement as the soil around the piles is densified.
  • Driven piles do not produce spoil, eliminating the need to dispose of drill cuttings.


  • Driven piles are commonly used deep foundation elements with a wide range of applications in the commercial, industrial, infrastructure, and off-shore projects.
  • In the form of soldier piles, they are ideal for shoring projects.

Driven Piles Projects: