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Displacement Piles

These piles are constructed by advancing a displacement tool into the ground using torque and crowd (downward) force. Once at the desired depth, the tool is retracted while concrete is pumped through its hollow center. A reinforcing cage or centre bar can either be installed prior to the retraction of the displacement tool (sacrificial tip or "lost bit" method), or once the tool has been fully retracted.


  • Cast-in-place displacement piles have a high bearing capacity due to the associated soil densification. As the advancement of the displacement tool compacts the surrounding soils, it increases the skin friction between the concrete and soil in most conditions, resulting in a higher capacity pile than a bored pile of similar dimensions.
  • Little to no spoil is produced due to the displacement or densification of the soil during tool advancement
  • The construction process produces low noise and vibration levels.
  • Cast-in-place displacement piles have high productivity rates.


  • Cast-in-place displacement piles are ideal foundation solutions for commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.
  • This pile type is a great foundation alternative where compressible soils exist, reducing pile diameters and lengths due to the increased capacity from densification.

Displacement Piles Projects: