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Continuous Flight Auger

CFA piles are also commonly known as auger-cast piles or auger-cast-in-place piles. They are constructed by drilling a slender hole into the ground utilizing a hollow stem auger, then pressure pumping grout or concrete through the hollow stem of the auger as it is slowly being retracted. If required, a reinforcing cage or centre bar can be installed immediately after the auger is fully withdrawn.


  • CFA piles are a great deep foundation solution for collapsible soils or where the presence of a high water table will have a negative impact on construction. The hollow-stem auger acts as a temporary casing during installation, eliminating the need for costly casing solutions that would be required for other foundation methods.
  • CFA piles are suitable for most soil conditions.
  • The noise and vibration levels are very low compared to other deep foundation methods.
  • The CFA technique has high productivity rates.


  • CFA piles are ideal in secant and tangent piling for shoring projects.
  • Allowing for in-fill construction, they are ideal for projects with limited overhead room.
  • They are a great deep foundations solution for new construction in commercial, industrial, and infrastructure projects.

Continuous Flight Auger Projects: