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Waterstone Pier

Waterstone Pier
Date: 2005

Construction for the Waterstone Pier Project, a water front development consisting of three, four-storey buildings with 144 units in Richmond, British Columbia started in 2005. Under general contractor Stuart Olson, AGRA Foundations Limited was assigned the foundation works, which consisted of a combination of ground improvement and expanded-base piles.


Soils of sand and silt combinations typical to the area, some layers of which are susceptible to liquefaction in the event of tectonic vibrations, required ground densification treatment prior to the installation of load bearing elements. AGRA installed close to 1000 vibro stone columns to reduce the risks of soil disruption and associated lateral movements. 384 expanded-base piles of 400 mm and 500 mm diameter and 10 m depth provide the load bearing elements for the columns supporting the building.