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Vancouver International Airport A-B Connector

Vancouver International Airport A-B Connector
Date: 2013

Expanding the original areas of YVR’s 1968 domestic terminal, the $213-million A-B Connector project features seismic upgrades and expanded gate capacity. Under general contractor Ledcor Construction, AGRA Foundations Limited worked together with sister company Geopac Inc. on the foundation and ground improvement portion of the project. Following the removal of the airport’s taxiway apron, which included an 45 cm thick reinforced concrete slab, the site’s subsurface generally consisted of 3 to 4 m of densified sand overlying 4 to 8 m of clayey silt over interbedded sands and silts to 20 m depths. Heightened security requirements required all personnel and deliverables to be escorted to and from the site. That, and the foundation work schedule intersecting with Ledcor’s, required close coordination between the general contractor and several sub-contractors.


AGRA Foundations Limited installed 127 expanded-base piles at the small and congested worksite. Heavily reinforced expanded-base piles complementing the top-feed stone column grid built by Geopac proved to be an ideal solution for bearing large loads at shallow depths in typical Richmond ground conditions of sand and silt extending into depths of 100 m. The site was densified prior to the piles being installed in order to limit lateral movement in the course of a seismic event.