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Shepard Operational Workplace Vehicle Centre

Shepard Operational Workplace Vehicle Centre
Date: 2012

General contractor Devitt-Forand Construction engaged AGRA Foundations Limited for the foundation construction of the 18,800 square feet facility. The ground work for the vehicle storage building, a project with a total value of $ 8.2 million required the installation of 480 bored under reamed (belled) concrete piles. The piles, designed in-house by AGRA, featured shallow 1000 mm to 1800 mm bells at 5-9 m below grade.


The soil conditions on site were stiff, silty clay with 0-2 m of fill across the site, which presented an ideal scenario for the installation of belled piles. With three to four rigs working on-site simultaneously, the AGRA team was able to reach a high productivity level of 20-30 piles per day, completing the works in just over a month despite winter conditions.