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Shell Scotford HCU Debottlenecking Project

Shell Scotford HCU Debottlenecking Project
Date: 2016

The Scotford HCU Debottlenecking Project is currently North America’s premier downstream project for Shell. It includes additions to, and modifications of, existing facilities within the Shell Scotford Refinery, which is located in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and was constructed in the early 1980s. The project development will include crucial equipment to be utilized to streamline the refining process and increase daily output.

One of the major factors that contributed to AGRA Foundations Limited’s successful bid on this project was AGRA’s outstanding achievement on the Shell Quest Carbon Capture Storage project, also located at the Shell Scotford Refinery.

Ground conditions on site were of clay and till until six metres depths, followed by loose sands to 16 m depth, underlain by very dense sand (empress formation).

The HCU Debottlenecking Project consisted of 391 CFA piles ranging in diameter from 500 – 600 mm and in lengths up to 20 m. The great majority of the piles were located in and around the existing live units and many of them had the crew and equipment working just millimeters from critical equipment. The entire venture required careful planning, great communication and strong leadership.

Most importantly, AGRA achieved over 10,000 man hours on the project without a single incident.