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Rapid Transit 2000 - Millenium Line

Rapid Transit 2000 - Millenium Line
Date: 2000

Extending Vancouver's SkyTrain light rail system by an additional 21 km and 13 new stations used by 20 million riders annually, the $1.2-billion Millennium Line project was completed in 2001. Prime design and construction contractor, SAR Transit JV, contracted AGRA Foundations Limited with the foundation works for the 16 km long extension to the elevated guide way. This section of the Millennium Line, designed for a 100-year lifespan, is supported by more than 500 cast-in-place concrete columns, for which AGRA installed single large-diameter drilled and cased shafts, up to 31 m deep.


Installed in varying ground conditions of mixtures of sand and silt over clay and clay till down into rock sockets, the single shaft design proved to be ideal for the ground conditions as well as the dense surrounding infrastructure. The shafts reduced the impact of the construction work on surrounding services, utilities and highways, and AGRA carried out the works with minimal disruption to the heavy traffic routes paralleling the rapid transit system. The Millennium Line project was a great success in the Vancouver construction history, completed within only 16 months.