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Pineview Terrace Lodge Nursing Home

Pineview Terrace Lodge Nursing Home
Date: 2012

The new Pineview Terrace Lodge, a long-term care facility for the elderly, features five interconnected houses with twelve rooms and common areas each. The $22.8-million facility, replacing the previous care home and increasing its capacity by 34 beds, opened its doors in the summer of 2014. General contractor RNF Ventures Ltd. hired AGRA Foundations Limited for the foundation works for the building. The ground conditions on-site were of firm to stiff clay up to 12 m depth that offered medium plasticity and presented seepage and sloughing.


As opposed to the originally proposed design options of driven timber and screw piles, AGRA Foundations Limited / Topping Engineering devised an alternate design of larger, treated timber piles that was able to reduce the number of piles and the total multiple pile caps required for construction. This solution presented significant savings to the client. The AGRA team used a Link Belt LS108 crawler crane, with and H-lead and drop hammer to install the piles.