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Mosaic Potash K2 Site Piling

Mosaic Potash K2 Site Piling
Date: 2016

AGRA Foundations Limited was selected as the prime contractor for the Mosaic Potash K2 Site Piling project by engineer /construction manager AMEC Foster Wheeler. The project is part of an overland conveyor system designed to transport raw ore from the new Mosaic K3 site 11 km above ground to the existing K2 site.

AGRA's scope of work included establishing a site office and facilities, providing subcontract survey layout, hydro-vac daylighting, pile inspection and testing, and earthwork services. The piling scope consisted of 30 bored friction piles of 2' diameter ranging from 25' to 45' long and 83 bored, end-bearing (belled) piles of 2.5' to 3' diameter bearing approximately 30' below working grade in the hard glacial till layer. The working platform was constructed in the late fall 2015 and consisted of 4'-6' of compacted granular fill material. The soil profile consisted of glacial till fill to a depth of approximately 5' below ground level overlaying glacial till to depths of about 30' below ground. This was followed by clay shale, which extended to a depth of at least 50', the maximum depth drilled. Inter/intra till wet sand deposits and boulders were encountered in in the till strata.


The team selected for this job included a full-time safety advisor, site superintendent and a 4-man crew. AGRA's new Soilmec SR45 rotary drill rig was mobilized to site early January 2016. Support equipment and resources including a front end loader, skid steer and various drill tools were also dispatched to site. AGRA worked through challenging winter conditions to successfully construct 113 rotary bored concrete piles within budget and ahead of schedule concluding the work in early March.