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Keephills KH 3 Expansion

Keephills KH 3 Expansion
Date: 2007

The Keephills 3 Expansion, a $ 1.9-billion project, extended and upgraded the existing Keephills site to create one of Canada’s cleanest, coal-fired facilities. As such, Keephills 3 is equipped with an advanced air quality control system, which achieves superior environmental performance. A supercritical boiler technology features higher boiler temperatures and pressures as well as a high-efficiency steam turbine. Installing the extreme size of equipment on soft ground required piles to extend into very large depths in some areas.


AGRA Foundations Limited installed 3500 driven steel piles, both H-beam and pipe piles, using up to four cranes and diesel hammers simultaneously. The extremely weak, weathered sandstone bedrock starting at 8.5 m depths required piles of up to 43 m length to create the necessary support for the structure. Piles were installed to about 20 m depths, then extended with welded splices to an average of 29 m to allow for adequate support of the heavy loads.