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Enbridge Eastern Access Edmonton Expansion - Pump Can Installation

Enbridge Eastern Access Edmonton Expansion - Pump Can Installation
Date: 2014

The client contracted AGRA Foundations Limited with the installation of exterior casings for seven satellite booster pumps at its North Edmonton Terminal Refinery. The piling for the 1600 to 2400 mm, 10 to 14 m deep casings took place around the live units of the facility. Differing soil conditions and limitations imposed by existing equipment and structures required careful planning, coordination and execution with other trades and plant operations. Large rocks and boulders in the clay till made the ground works difficult at times and additional planning and care went into the removal of these.


The AGRA team used a drill rig to pre-drill the holes for the casings, then pushed the 10 m can into the ground with the help of a vibratory hammer. For the casings requiring 14 m depths, a second piece of pipe was welded onto the first, then the whole entity was pushed into the ground. Some large boulders in the ground were too hard to proceed as normal with the vibratory hammer; the crew used the drill rig to remove the stones before continuing the works.