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Currie Barracks Shoring

Currie Barracks Shoring
Date: 2014

The Overture condominium development in Currie Barracks will feature 21 homes in each of the three four-storey buildings, the first of which is to complete in the summer of 2015. General contractor Overture Properties selected AGRA Foundations Limited for the installation of a 351 m long shoring wall designed to retain the adjacent property. The exposed depth of the wall is 4.0 m, and the total shoring area, a beam and lagging cantilevered shoring wall, measured 1404 m2. The ground conditions on the site were fill to 1 m, sandy silt to a depth of 4 m and underlying material of silty clay till to final depth.


A beam and lagging wall presented the most efficient solution to retain the earth on this project. Structural beams were installed in bored cast-in-place concrete piles at 2.4 m centres. Timber lagging was cut to length and set inside the beam section as the excavation progressed in maximum 1.5 m lifts until the desired elevation was reached.