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College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan

College of Kinesiology, University of Saskatchewan
Date: 2002

The College of Kinesiology opened in 2003 with a new facility adding to the University of Saskatchewan complex. General contractor Dominion Construction awarded AGRA Foundations Limited the foundation works to the new building, a total of 965 bored piles. The ground conditions on-site were clay fill to 2 m depth, followed by firm clay into 7 m, underlain by firm to stiff clay extending to 15 m depth, hard at 9.5 m below ground.


To provide adequate bearing conditions for the new building, AGRA constructed 145 belled piles, 670 conventional straight shaft piles, and 150 low headroom limited-access straight shaft piles during two construction phases. The complex design required a dozen different pile lengths. The team mobilized two LDH 80 drill rigs to construct the main building piles. A subtrade skid steer drill was hired to drill the 150 low headroom piles whose infill required placement by bucket of the skid steer as concrete mixer trucks could not enter the existing underground parkade.