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Clarence Avenue Overpass at Circle Drive South

Clarence Avenue Overpass at Circle Drive South
Date: 2007

General contractor Graham Industrial engaged AGRA Foundations Limited for the construction of the foundations to Clarence Avenue overpass structure in Saskatoon. Ground conditions on site were fine to medium grained, well graded moist to wet sand to 6 m depth, followed by silt mixed with sand, moist and ranging from stiff to very stiff in 6 – 12 m depth. Below, stiff and moist clay with some silt and sand layers with extended to 26 m offering medium to high plasticity. Finally, moist and stiff to very stiff silty and sandy clay till extended to a depth of 37 m.


AGRA mobilized a driving crane with vertical travel lead and drop hammer as well as one service crane to install 116 driven steel H-piles, coordinating delivery, production, and subtrade activities with minimal impact to the adjacent high-volume Circle Drive Freeway. Overcoming challenging winter conditions, the AGRA team completed the project on schedule.