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City of Saskatoon Sound Attenuation Wall, Wanuskewin Drive

City of Saskatoon Sound Attenuation Wall, Wanuskewin Drive
Date: 2009

AGRA Foundations Limited was engaged by general contractor Carmont Construction Limited to install 359 cast-in-place bored piles (600 mm diameter x 8000 mm deep) along Wanuskewin Road, between 51st Street and Firehall #7, and along Lenore Drive between Wanuskewin Road and Russell Road. 329 CIP piles were constructed on top of a berm.
Ground geology on site was silt with some clay into 2 m depth, followed by stiff clay with some silt interlaces to 6 m depth, underlain by stiff clay till with some silt and sand layers up to a depth of 12 m.
In 7 to 10 m depth the presence of seepage, sloughing conditions, cobbles, and boulders required temporary steel casing.


The AGRA team employed a MAIT HR150 drill rig to construct 600 mm x 8000 mm bored concrete piles. This pile type proved to be ideal for the clay till soil conditions on site. Installing the piles on top of an existing berm required careful manoeuvering and coordination of the equipment. Due to space limitations, the rebar cages had to be fabricated off site and delivered to the site daily.