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Champagne Condos Retaining Wall

Champagne Condos Retaining Wall
Date: 2012

The underground parking area of this luxury condominium development by the Bow River in Calgary required up to 7.6 m of shoring. Project owner and general contractor Remington Development Corporation engaged AGRA Foundations Limited for these works. The soil conditions on site included fill to about 1 m depth, underlain by sandy saturated gravels to 11 m below grade. The gravels were underlain by strong bedrock.


AGRA installed a shoring wall with a length of 22 linear meters and an exposed depth of 7.6 m
(total shoring area of 1800 square feet). A secant wall with one row of tie backs was used to retain the excavated depth and to prevent water ingress. The crew used a single hydraulic drill rig in CFA mode and achieved productions of up to eight piles per day, using up to 45 CM of concrete.