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Cargill Fertilizer Plant

Cargill Fertilizer Plant
Date: 2014

Project owner Cargill Fertilizer contracted AGRA Foundations Limited for the foundations of a new fertilizer storage building and load out facility in the rural town of Clavet, Saskatchewan. AGRA combined forces with sister company Geopac Inc. In an integrated JV the companies installed a combination of Controlled Modulus Columns (CMC) and Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles in addition to providing initial design support and optimization.


The CMCs were employed to densify the ground – soft clay followed by stiff till in 17 m depth – while CFA piles provide a direct support for the heavy equipment of the fertilizer facilities and the product load out towers. The AGRA – Geopac team installed a total of 1220 CMCs and 34 CFA piles up to a depth of 20m with each company contributing a rig to split the workload. A Recepieux system imported from France was trialed on this project and performed well to break concrete at the CMC cut off 4 m below the working platform. Static pile load tests that were completed before production start to verify the design’s adequacy for the given ground conditions and building loads yielded superior results.