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Camrose Raw Water Intake Barrier Wall

Camrose Raw Water Intake Barrier Wall
Date: 2015

The City of Camrose Raw Water Intake Station will be adjacent to Dried Meat Lake located on the Battle River, which is the principal water source for the City. A 3 m deep excavation is necessary to install the pump that will transport the water from the lake to the station. The high permeability of the top gravel layer and the close proximity to the lake required a remedial measure in order to keep the excavation free of water inflow. General contractor Alpha Construction Inc. contracted AGRA Foundations Limited for the installation of a water barrier consisting of a sheet pile wall driven into the underlying bedrock. Since construction on the project had started before the need for deeper excavation and sheet piling was recognized, the works had to be done on an existing excavation and foundation concrete slab, making for challenging conditions.


In order to provide a high-quality product in difficult working conditions and to meet the very tight tolerances required for the sheet pile structure, the AGRA team used a 110-tonne capacity crane equipped with a vibro hammer. A specially-built guide frame allowed for the sheets to be threaded and aligned prior to being driven into the ground. This type of template is essential to achieving complete impermeability of the sheet pile curtain. The works were completed to the satisfaction of the client within the proposed schedule and budget.