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Airport Hotels Hampton and Homewood Suites

Airport Hotels Hampton and Homewood Suites
Date: 2012

General contractor Aman Building Corporation enlisted AGRA Foundations Limited for the foundation works on this 518-room hotel village, which features several different hotel brands. Construction began in 2012 with two of the hotels now complete. The ground conditions on site consisted of fill to 1 m depth, followed by wet gravel and sand up to 7 m and silty clay till up to 12 m deep. Underlying wet, sloughing silt up to 16 m depths required deep casing. Bedrock was encountered at a depth of around 17.5 m.


Piles were constructed in wet and sloughing ground; the AGRA team used casing up to depth of 20 m to support the surrounding soil. A 7 m slip casing was initially placed followed by a second casing 18.0 m deep, drilled and installed with a vibro hammer. The second casing was pushed into the bedrock in an attempt to seal off water and drilled to the design depth. A large reinforcing cage, up to 7 tonnes was placed in the pile with the service crane. In some case the bedrock became wet, a complete seal could not be created and water remained at the bottom of the excavation of some of the piles. Any ‘wet’ piles were poured using a tremie system, pouring them from the bottom up, using the crane. Concrete was flushed over the top of the pile and the temporary casings was removed.