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Aberdeen Station Lands

Aberdeen Station Lands
Date: 2008

Located at the intersection of Number 3 and Cambie Roads in Richmond, British Columbia, the Aberdeen Station Lands were the third phase of the Aberdeen Centre project. This project was an extension of the original Aberdeen Centre, built in 1989, and added three retail and five hotel levels, with connections to the Canada Line transit station plaza and the existing building. General contractor Graham Construction awarded AGRA Foundations Limited the foundation and ground densification work for this venture, which included the installation of vibro stone columns, expanded-base piles, and sheet piles.


Richmond soils consisting of deep, interbedded layers of sand and silt, vibro densification was necessary to increase the density of the upper soils, reduce liquefaction potential, and to provide lateral support to the piles. Sheet piles that had been installed during a previous phase of the project had to be removed and disposed of, then replaced with longer sheet piles to provide for the utility installation. AGRA then installed close to 250 vibro stone solumns to a depth of 15 m to prevent lateral movement induced by any seismic event. Close to 800 expanded-base piles provided the load bearing element by increasing the bearing capacity of the founding layer.